Pipe Masters on now!!Sunny Garcia surfing in heat3

Trials round running right now, just started heat 1.... SG is surfing in round 3 ... Pancho in round 8. Love seeing the old school boys compete! Gd swell in the water !!


War Garcia Phone Post 3.0

Sick opening wave for Sunny!! Phone Post 3.0

Dang it...he's surfing in the legends contest also.

War SG Phone Post 3.0

I missed that round!

Back on now!! Phone Post 3.0


Holy fuck John John knows how to make drops.

Moke - Holy fuck John John knows how to make drops.
Was driving home from office n hit grocery store...missed it :( Phone Post 3.0

There going to run the heritage series today


LEGENDS!!! Phone Post 3.0

Jordy got fucking worked good he is ok.

* it's back on btw Phone Post 3.0

Holy crap conditions are getting nutz.

Pires wants nothing to do with Pipe today.

lol, water patrol earning a living today.

Victory at sea today!! Gnarly day at pipe Phone Post 3.0

Mad respect to all those guys! Phone Post 3.0

Final day running today!! Some decent surf!

War Kelly Phone Post 3.0