Pitbull in the GP???

I was just thinking this whole Mir vs Slyvia being a title fight and then thinking that there still was an open spot in the GP... Now either I think there will not be an 8th fight and they will offer the spot to the UFC champion as a Bye... Or Arlovski is entering...

This would make a lot of sense in the decsion to have Mir vs slyvia being the title fight... If Arlovski ends up winning it all all that would be left would be winning the title and that would Make a huge buy to the fans... Yet if The "Peeet-boool" lost he would look worse for wear and the UFC would still have a champ at heavyweight that they could say that could handle the pride fighters... Just a lil thought... Hopefully we could see Andrei in the GP as I think he would be the second favorite in my book... Only losing out to Fedor...

Just a thought though... what do you guys think?

I would like to see arlovski in the G.P. but I think he injured his hand against cabbage and won't be fighting for a while.


There will be no UFC rep!

when was it said there would not be one?

Dana has said in interviews he will not send any UFC reps to Pride since they have yet to send anyone to the UFC.

The UFC would be talking about the possibility, also Pride hasnt sent anyone to the UFC like they said they would.

scott ferozo?

They don't want someone pretty like Ferrozzo coming in and taking all their money.

Arlovski would do well in the GP

Crocop would show Arlovski the difference between being a goog MMA striker and a world-class striker.

If Crocop gives freestyle and greco wrestlers problems taking him down, Arlovski would never get it there.

Arlovski would be forced to stand and Mirko is by far the better kicker which means he can control the distance easier and is just as good as a boxer, if not better than Andrei.


They don`t want Arlovsky in the GP. They don`t want any ex UFC fighter who they know will beat there best guy they want to win. That is why you won`t see Rizzo or Ricco but you will see McGee. Coleman and Randleman have a chance but with the judges and ref helping Pride fighters if they need it they won`t win unless it is complete domination or a K.O. .Even then they could lose at Pride. It could be a great tournament but since it is Pride it will have kinds of bullshit happen.