Place to Stay in Rio

Hey anyone got any good suggestions on a cheap place to stay in Rio for a few nights next month? Copa, Ipanema, or Barra would all be good...


Stay at a youth hostel in Copa. I did. It was awesome.

Google Copacabana Praia youth hostel. It was 20 reais a night at the time (about $9 now).

whatever you do, dont stay at Ipanema Beach House

Dont let the advertisements or the hot girl at the counter fool you, it sux!

marina baby

I stayed in Copacabana at a hostel called "Copacaban Tropical"

The staff sucked and they even robbed me. It was like 9 bucks a night.

It was pretty far from the beach, (good thing actually, the time it took me to talk to the beach was the close to the amoutn of time it took me to finish a 500ml Acia), at night it was a shady place, but I met a bunch of wonderful people and got a much more real experiance, imo, of Rio doing it like that.

Sintaros and the Christo Statue are the two most visited spots by foreigners in Rio

centaurus imo. and yes, it is everything that everyone says it is and more. so ive heard

I had a lot of good experiences visiting Rio. The best was my 45 min of fame in centaurus

I stayed at a hostel in Copa too. there was a park right out side the front door.

did andre or littleC stay at that one. I would like to know where I stayed.

my first time there i stayed at a house in sao corrado. the guy was an artist and he had a sick house with a river running through the back yard.

centauros wasnt the cheapest place around, but they had a ton of chicks there, all the time.

"I stayed at a hostel in Copa too. there was a park right out side the front door. "

Yeah, that's the one I stayed at, as well. It was a block to the left of Figueredo Magalaes if you were coming back up from the beach. I loved that hostel.

EXACTLY ANDRE. thats funny. i just trip out sometimes on how you could be so far from home but be in the same place as somebody else from your home.

yes one block over. I remember we would walk out the door and go straight instead of making an immediate left. and I would stop at hte juice place on the corner. on the left hand side if you were headed toward the beach.

good times there. My buddy and i had a private room on the upper right hand balcony. i remember the common room in the back left is where worldy walter stayed.

this guy had traveled all over the world. we thought he was full of shit until he showed us the pic of him on top of a biosphere in antarctica and showed us currency from about 20 diff countries. some were like big pieces of paper and others were like a cracker jack price.

He bought a bike as we were leaving. he was gonna ride it up through panama and then visit us in san diego. but i guess he met a brazilian girl and fell in love. last we heard he was gonna ride her over but he never made it. never heard from him again.

One night i actually got a girl to go home with me and when i got her back home they wouldnt let her in because they thought she was a hooker. no outside pussy i guess. that was lame. so i frenched her in the park.