Place to train in Tennessee

Got a week long trip to Sevierville TN with my wife's whole family. I'll be looking to get away for a bit. I've found a bunch of gyms in Knoxville, which is about 45 minutes away. And then there's one much closer called Fit Factory. Don't want to judge a book by the cover but the site doesn't inspire me.

Anybody in the know got a minute to school me?


Fit Factory in Sevierville (Gene Click / Soneca BB) is a great school. Another option would be Brad Hatcher's place located about 25 min away in Maryville.

Brentwood BJJ, or cliff forseca's school is awesome! Jeremy akin is a amazing teacher, and a BEAST. Phone Post 3.0

If you're near Knoxville and into BJJ, you owe it to yourself to train at Gracie Barra Knoxville. Samuel Braga is a great instructor and a 5 time world champion.

If you're looking for BJJ & MMA then Knoxville Martial Arts Academy is one of the best.

Thanks guys! I'll check out the Fit Factory. Philip, you in the area? Send me a message if you're able to come roll.


If you are in Eastern TN you need to check out Gracie Barra Knoxville. The instructor, Samuel Braga, is a multiple-time black belt World Champion. The technique taught is second to none and there are ALWAYS a room full of awesome training partners so you're guaranteed to get a great workout!

Thanks Grips. The schools in Knoxville look great, but they're 45 minutes away from Sevierville, the town I'm staying in. If I can get away with disappearing from the family for long enough, I'll definitely check it out.

Just got back from TN and had a blast at The Fit Factory. Thanks for straightening me out Phil. Gene is a great instructor and his guys couldn't have been more welcoming. Picked up so many details that I was worried I would forget so Professor Click stayed late and let me videotape each one. Even gave me specific modifications for my style and body type. I trained three times! Can't wait to get in my gym tonight and try some new stuff out.

If you're ever in Sevierville, TN definitely stop by for some southern hospitality ass whoopins. Some of the friendliest chokes I've ever received. And too many 'Ah ha!" moments to count.