Places to train in San Fran area

Hi, I am from PA, but will be out in San Fran a week before Christmas. What are some good places for BJJ that might allow me to pay for a week of classes?

Thanks in advance.

If you want gi,go to Ralph Gracies on Valencia.
Great group of people.

Thank You. I will check them out. I am looking for anything. I can learn from anyone, so it's all good to me.

Check out this thread.  It's all about BJJ in SanFran.



Fairtex south of market in SF is the best right now. you can do everything you need right there. thai boxing, boxing, wrestling, no gi jiu jitsu, yoga. its a big place, and theyre in the process of putting in showers and locker rooms, etc. its not cheap but you can go unlimited to any classes for $130.

or you can come to my No Gi classes in San Fran..
1455 Bush Street at Van Ness..

We only train No Gi mix hybrid of BJJ, JUDO, SAMBO & Wrestling. We
have guys who train at our school who also train elsewhere.
I encourage guys to train as much as they can and learn from different
instructors. We are not into any kind of school politics, everyone is
welcome no matter the skill level.

classes are Tue & Thurs 6-9 pm

Sat & Sun 12-2pm

1st class is free..

$85 month unlimited training..