planing a trip to thialand help

thanks dawi ttt

Email me.

I will be in Thailand from Feb-July


ill ttt my thread "who here has trained in thailand?" that i made a while ago- check it out.. it got pretty big and had a lot of information. in Hua Hin its south of Bangkok

hey jackson, when you coming back to sd? whats your email? ttt

""There has been warnings issued in the past couple days for people to stay away from Thailand for now."

I haven't hear anything about this, yet.
-Who issued the warning? (Source.)
It wasn't JackTripper, was it?"

No, it was on the news on New Years day after the bombings and the shooting of a couple from here in Calgary on boxing day.



daweii is way off about pattaya. I spent 4 weeks in pattaya and can tell first hand it's a safe enough place.


I just got back from bangkok and phuket. both are fun. Both have mma as well. Bangkok combat club in bkk and tiger muay thai in phuket has a cage and all. I stayed on suhkumvit road soi 11 at the ambassador. Are you looking to stay in a camp? in phuket they have decent accomodations at phuket muay thai. Nightlife is strong in both places....there are 2 stadiums in phuket if you are going to try to fight. Bangla rd is where its at nightlife wise in patong (phuket). in BKK go to nana plaza :} have fun and be safe. remember everything is negotiable.

Blake...who was the BJJ instructor at TMT?

What is your rank/experince

I remeber someone telling me you were a BJJ Brown belt!?!

I will be teaching Subgrappling at TMT in Feb.

I lived in Thailand for 2.5 years. One of the best places to live in the world IMHO. As written here, great food, nice people, awesome women, good weather.

People talk about the girls. As for Patpong and Nana in BKK it is an okay start but I would upgrade to hang at some nicer places if I were you. Believe it or not, not all girls in Thailand are hookers. If you learn the culture you can meet some really nice respectable women.

Every one of my friends from there, no matter what Western country they came from, swore off Western women after being in Thailand. Don't believe the stereotypes about the females being submissive, etc. Just the opposite, they are way more independent than Western women and not bitchy either. Again, I'm not talking about the hookers, they're a deceptive group. Stay away from them.

I could go on but I rambled enough already. Email me for more info.

I'd suggest Legacy Gym in Ubon if you want to do some MMA stuff too. Good boxing coach too there.

Kaewsamrit in Bangkok is good too, except not really much MMA interest.


The deep south is not that dangerous, just a Muslim area. Hardly any tourists compared to the north, which is teeming with them(and I mean teeming.)

Pattaya is a probably the sleaziest place on Earth, a cesspool. The women are all hookers, effectively. It's worth a look, but thats all. Only sex tourists stay. Your not a sex tourist are you?!

Some hot girls, but they will all offer to be a "tour guide", which means hooker.

The whole vibe of the place is fake, they are nice to you only to scam you. Leaves a sour taste (Unless thats what you want!)

you must know it's a game, and how to play it...believe me, you do not have to pay for sex...jt

".believe me, you do not have to pay for sex"