Platypus on TUF?

 Please sign here if you want one of your own on the first 145lb season of TUF?

 Oh and signed... gotta vote for myself right?


 You've got the overdramatized drunken theatrics down.

What the hell...signed.



 I am a OK UG sponsored Fighter... the first one.



 and I'm in the Fred Ettish Fan Club (... is there one? if not start one and I am so in.)

John Handcocked

I'm sure Dana will take this thread into consideration....

 I'm afraid you'd be lonely in the club, my friend.  Hope you get on the show.  You'd do great.

Hey, if I had one more fight I could go try out for the next TUF for either 155 or 170!  Now that would be a blast!



the REV in the house...

If Fred approves, then so do I. Good luck Platypuss. Phone Post

 Good guy, plenty of personality, and a damn good fighter.  I also think he would go balls out and make the most of the opportunity.



 I could only imagine not have to work for like 8 weeks and just  train with some of the best and fight. I would be living the dream.


Every member of the OKUG needs to get on and sign this too.

 I fully support that. Pulsifer in the house would be fun