Play as the Way 2 review

I finished watching the entire PAW2 set (for the first time) just a few
minutes ago. My first comment is that I wish I had a teacher like Luis
when I was a kid! His enthusiasm for teaching and caring for the
students comes across during every minute of the footage.

I had purchased PAW1 shortly after it was first released as I was very
interested in how Luis structured his MMA curriculum for kids (have
you seen the competition footage of his students?). I fell in love with
his philosophy for coaching and was left, as many others were, wanting
more specifics on his curriculum. Luis obviously listened and has now
invested a lot of time, thought and energy into producing this set to
help school owners and teachers.

I have been working in a martial arts school for 20 years and running
one full time on my own for over 17 years. There are a lot of great
ideas on the set that I can implement right away. People who are new
to coaching kids and/or are teaching a TMA curriculum to kids will
likely get even more out of the set.

Thanks Luis.

Your new set is PAWfect!

(sorry, i couldn’t resist)


Best Karate