Playboy Mansion Fight Recap

no enough pics of playboy bunnies.



Card is the man!

I dig the brunette on the left.

yeah the other ones are funny looking. For playmates at least.

two guys fought for $500?  (and one of them won?)


– Dewey Cooper: $500 (1st fight for Strikeforce; defeated Adam Smith; no win bonus)

– Adam Smith: $500 (1st fight for Strikeforce; lost to Dewey Cooper; no win bonus)

– Daniel McWilliams: $1,000 (1st fight for Strikeforce; defeated Eddie Millis; no win bonus)

– Eddie Millis: $4,000 (1st fight for Strikeforce; lost to Daniel McWilliams; no win bonus)

– Luke Stewart: $7,500 (4th fight for Strikeforce; defeated Sam Liera; includes win bonus of $4,000)

– Sam Liera: $3,000 (1st fight for Strikeforce; lost to Luke Stewart; no win bonus)

– Anthony Figueroa: $2,000 (3rd fight for Strikeforce; defeated Miguel Linares; no win bonus)

– Miguel Linares: $1,500 (2nd fight for Strikeforce; lost to Anthony Figueroa; no win bonus)

The fight between Dewey and Adam Smith was presented by the Palace Fighting Championship. The amount above reflects what the fighters were paid by the promoter of record for the show. Both men were taken care of by the PFC.

oh.  seemed low.

The brunette is Lauren Michelle Hill. And Ill sell u her number for "one
million dollars!"

Great boobs on all of them, but the left brunette is the only one worth taking a 2nd look at!