Playboy model LaTasha Marzolla fight video

Here are the highlights from her fight at Tuff-N-Uff where she fought Christy Tada it was a really fun fight to watch, the 2 girls basically went toe to toe for an entire round and it ended by tko when Tada failed to answer the bell in the second.

Wow!  Fists were flying!  Awesome!

 now THAT set MMA back. looked like your standard redneck woman brawl, IMHO.

Granted, that was only :30 of highlights, but it looked awfully like Frye/Takayama.

A little tough-mannish..

 lol holy shit she laid the fucking smack down!


Thanks PureBader!

love the little shove she gives her opponent at the bell

Tough ladies!

pretty blonde with nice tits, she doesnt have to fight she should try porn or being a cocktail waitress or something. poor thing must not be too bright.

entertaining, but certainly not technically sound.

That looked fun.