*Please Critique my Video*

Hey guys. I've been training for a little bit and just wanted some feed back. Before I get flamed, I KNOW i have alot of work to do. By no means am I claiming to be good or anything of the sort. Just wanted to get some opinions and tips...

As for the music. I really couldn't find anything "good" so I threw in some hip hop. I thought it was better than silence. Enjoy and please comment!


blue namer please help out!


If you spar wearing MMA gloves then look for the pinkie finger on your left hand to get broke soon. Dont just throw one or 2 punches or kicks then stop, always chain together combo's, train the way you want to fight. Also looks like you need to put more rotation into the kicks.


thanks for the tips. definately will keep that pinky in (bad habits) and chain together the combinations.

keep em comin


1.        One hand on your head at all times, shoulder up on the other side.

2.       Don’t throw a punch until the other hand is back to the head, touching the head.

3.       Keep your hands up the entire time.

4.       Lock your hips and shoulders together in rotation.

5.       Don’t do the BL pinky and thumb thing!!!

6.       Stop the bag with your strikes, not by just pushing it.

7.       Use more than just your shoulders on the upper cut, use your legs to thrust upward.

8.       Keep your eyes forward and don’t turn your head to the side. Doing so exposes your chin to straight punches.

9.       Hands up while you are b&w’ing, on the head.

10.   Rotate on your kicks so the shin goes into the front of the bag, not side TKD style.  I can't see your feet the entire time but have a feeling you are extremly flat footed and not up on the balls of the feet.  Some people disagree with being on the toes but I believe it adds to mobility.

Rules should be consistent and make sense just about everywhere. For instance, keeping one hand on one side, shoulder up on the other is AT ALL TIMES! . . . unless you want to get knocked out.

“Train how you want to fight and you will fight like you train!”