Please share knife defense stories

Who has used a knife in defense, defended against a knife, or attacked someone with a knife?

Was the other person or persons armed? With what? What type of knife did you have? Was the law involved? What injuries were sustained by either party? What were you thinking at the time?

I had a guy pull a knife one night while I was working. I pulled the service weapon, he dropped the knife and went to jail. Not very exciting sounding, but it did serve to raise my pulse a little.

i had guy pull a knife on me while i was working the door at a nightclub. i used the basics in the STAB program that Karl Tanswell teaches and disarmed him and choked him unconcious, handcuffed till cops arrived.


what was the distance between knife guy and you? i'm sure you heard the 21' fact/myth.


wow! very cool about STAB working for you. glad you were not hurt.

i don't know about the 21' thing. If you are completely unaware (when should an LEO be relaxed when dealing with a suspect?!) then you will bet busted.

I was about 15' - 20' away. We had been given forewarning that this yahoo liked to carry a knife so I was prepared.

"when should an LEO be relaxed when dealing with a suspect"

true true

I was in a fight with my brother, I had full mount raining punches and he stuck me in the arm. I say stuck because the knife really wasn't sharp enough to stab lol But it was sharp enough to leave a scar.

Anyhow, so the first good poke he got I said, "Fuck man! I quit!" and got out of there. Probably the only knife defense I'll ever use, I ain't too cool to run from somebody.

I guy outside a seven eleven pulled a knife on me once. IT was about one in the morning so I was tired. But man once I saw that I was awake fast. I don't know how if went shot for shot. But my arms have some pretty good cuts on them nearly a year later. I remeber what finished it I got the blade from him after craking his rist against my knee, elbowing him in the head then kicking him in the head. After he fell over I kicked him around for a while. Then leaft him to rot. That was scary.

I was confronted by an angry filipina (maybe 90lbs)when walking down an Olongapo City street, holding the hand of another filipina.

"You pucking asshole! You say dat I'm your girlpriend!!!" (they have toubles with pronouncing "f" there).

At this, she whipped out a butterfly knife and took a slash at my face. I was boxing regularly then, so my reflexes were good enough to get my hands up in time.

She caught me in the right forearm with a decent slice (I still have a scar) but (fortunately) not too serious of a wound.

At this point, I did what any highly trained combat Marine would do.... I ran like a bitch!!! Lol, those women are no joke with knives there. I wasn't giving her another chance to inflict any more damage on me.

That is one of my two great knife defense stories. The other is nowhere near as entertaining.

I was once stabbed in the hip by a knife-wielding, would-be burglar. I responded to a burglar alarm at a business one night and, as I turned the corner to check the back of the premises, a yahoo holding a big kitchen knife lunged at me and caught me on the right hip, just in front of my holster. I still have the two-inch scar.

I already had my weapon in hand but, since we were at such close quarters, instead of trying to shoot him, I whacked him on the side of his head with that clunky, old S&W Model 10 revolver. He dropped the knife, went to his knees, and I had no trouble laying him out and cuffing him. I have to admit, I gave him a few stiff kicks for ruining my uniform pants. Back then we had to buy our own uniforms.

What I remember most about that incident is how fast it happened, how surprisingly quick my response was, and how everything else slowed way, way down. Classic case of tachypsychia.

LOL at the Filipina with the balisong.......they're mean "P"uckers..............LOL

Back in January I recieved a call stating that there was a guy at a local convience store that was armed with a knife. The subject had told one of the clerks that he would assault any officer that approached him, but was wanting "help". What we weren't told until later was the fact that the subject had also requested SWAT and our negotiators to respond out to his location.

Well I see the guy standing outside the store and as I pull into the parking lot, he goes running into the store. I quickly jump out of my car and run in the store after him with another LEO right behind me. As I go into the store, the guy turns to face me, and starts backing up. As he backs up I see him reaching into his pocket. Before he has the chance to fully get a grip on his knife (generic folder w/ 4" blade) I already have my pistol out and am giving him verbal commands. He pulls the knife out, opens it up, and starts to point the blade at us and tells us to back off. We continue to giive verbal commands to the guy as more officers arrive. Eventually we have about 12 guys w/ pistols pointing at this guy. The guy looks at us at one point and switches from a saber grip to an ice pick grip and places the knife to his neck. He starts telling us that he is going to kill himself if we dont put our guns down. One of our guys, puts his pistol up, pulls his OC, and walks up beside me (I'm standing at the head of the now formed mass of officers). He begins to talk the guy down and seems to be having a good go at it. Finally the guy tells the officer that he can't put his knife down. The officer asks him why and as he points at me; states "That mother-fucker right there is going to kill me". After a few moments of coaxing by a few of the other officers, I drop my pistol to a low ready and fianlly the guy puts the knife on a countertop and allows us to take him into custody.

To this day I still get jokes about looking crazier than truely insane people. :)

i have never been confronted with a knife, however my dad has. one morning, he was outside warming up his truck and getting ready to head off to work. As he was shutting the garage door, some bum pushing a cart came walzing down the sidewalk in front of our house yelling at the top of his lungs.

My dad turned around and noticed the bum had stopped yelling and was staring at him. All of a sudden, the bum reaches into his cart and pulls out a rusty but useable knife, and starts mumbling something in Spanish my dad couldn't understand. My dad had to think quick, so he told me the only thing he could do was pick up the garden hose, turn the water on, and start hosing down the bum. Fortunately, it worked, because the bum was so pissed, he started yelling at my dad in Spanish that he had ruined his clothes. Soaking wet, he threw his knife in his cart, and continued his walk up the street yelling again.

A major newspaper in our area did a report on the amount of homeless people living in our city. They did an interview with my dad and he had the chance to talk about his encounter with a street bum and how the city needed to do something about the homeless situation.

It's not a hardcore, story, but hey, it's a knife story.

Hmmm...a water hose can be a dangerous weapon if the temperature is low and there's a wind chill.

Dude, you Dad could have killed that guy!!!!

I got a good one for you guys....

Myself & a couple other units were called to a domestic with a possible mental at a residence in the late afternoon hours. This was, I believe, in my second year on duty. When we arrived, the mother told us her son was upstairs with a knife & threatening to kill himself. Well, we proceeded up the stairs with weapons drawn, and I found myself at the lead. When I was just a few steps, up a large male (6'+, 250) appeared with about a six inch kitchen knife in his hand, shirtless and in his boxers. Of course our weapons were out & we were yelling all the commands you could think of. Very casually, and it almost appeared in slo-mo, he stabs HIMSELF right in the gut! Then he pulls the blade out and as he does, a piece of intestine pops out the wound. It looked like a finger on a medical glove, and then the wound started bleeding pretty steady.

What did I do? I ran back to the bottom of the stairs--and so did everyone else!! Maybe a minute or so passed as we tried to figure out what the hell to do. I think we were talking about using O.C. and rushing him(probably a bad idea). Then the guy passed out with a thud. We disarmed him and let the FD have him at that point.

I was in a shop in Tijuana with a girlfriend who was a bit 'light-fingered'. We were looking at switchblade knives which the proprietor had removed from a glass case so we could inspect them more closely.

There were about 3 different trays of these knives and unbeknownst to me, she had slid one of the knives into her purse. The proprietor recognized immediately that one of his knives was missing, and demanded to me that the knife be returned. I asked the girl if she had the knife and she said no.

I thought he was either mistaken or trying to scam me to pay for a I refused to pay him. He picked up a machete from the floor behind the counter and said something in Spanish to me as he brandished the machete in a threatening manner. There were a few other Mexican friends of his in that store, so the situation wasn't looking great.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a sword in its scabbard lying against the wall towards my right so I grabbed it/unsheathed it and held it up as a defence in case he charged me. I didn't know shit about knife-fighting, but this seemed like my only option at the time. This surprised him as he looked quite shocked by this move, but he didn't move on me.

I figured this dude was serious so I now looked at my girlfriend and demanded that if she had the knife she had better up it NOW. This time she produced the switchblade from her purse which I placed on the counter...the proprietor lowered the machete and we beat it out of that store rapid-fire.


The "Tueller" rule states that an average male is good health
can cover 21 feet in about 1.5 seconds. This distance is
considered a "deadly threat", since only highly trained
officers can produce their sidearm in less time. This means
that a man armed with a knife and within 21 feet of you is
considered a deadly threat.

You can replicate this drill by simply having a partner with a
training knife sprint at you from various distances while you
try to present your weapon. You'll discover your PERSONAL
safe distance which is a function of your individual skill. Of
course, leave a margin for error and "adrenaline", so that you
don't cut it too close.

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LOL @ Mack's lightfingered lass!!!