PNE Fights??

Did anyone go to the fights at the PNE in Vancouver? Does anyone have a list of the results? That would be great! Thanks!

were those just kickboxing?? Were there any mma fights?

if you are wondering about a specific fight ask away.... i just don't feel like typing out all the results when you probably only care about a specific one

Did Julia Budd win?

she got the decision, yes. but many feel she shouldn't have, there were lots of boos when they announced the score cards. i would have scored it a draw.

Yeah, I was wondering about ms.budd my friend was there and told me everyone was booing her so i wondered what was up since he didn't really have an explantion, lol. and also how did Todd G. from revolution do? And one more was James from Cobra Kai, how did he do if you can remember that?

My buddy told me someone was taking out in a stretcher after getting ko'd, who was that also?

Thanks alot!

I believe Todd G. scored 3 knockdowns in the 2nd round to win the fight... it took him a round or so to get warmed up (he still won the round) and then once he got into his groove he looked very good.

james from cobra kai didn't fight because his opponent didn't make weight and it was a title fight. eric from cobra kai scored a big KO, as did seppy from north van, and madd dogg hughes' opponent (although it came from a cheapshot). not sure which of those neccessitated a stretcher but it could have been any one of them.

Thanks jimmy! that was what i wanted :)

Cheap shot. How did Scotty cheap shot Mad dog?

i think mad dog got leg kicked and went to his knees or something like that, and his opponent kicked or kneed him in the head while he was on his knees.

i have no idea why he did it either because he was totaly dominating hughes