Poem for Josh Neer

All you guys that know me, know that for every event Josh fights in that I go to, I always make a shirt to support him. Well I've been workin on a shirt for the VFC at the end of this month and was trying to think of slogans to put on it. Well this one got a little too long to put on the shirt, but it's too funny not to share! He'll be fighting Mark Bear. I think most of you know that there is alot of bad blood between Bear and Neer. Josh and I agreed that this had to go on the UG! So here it goes:

Mark Bear, you'd better beware.

You know you can't compare.

The Dentist is your worst nightmare!

He's here to declare

you better prepare

one last prayer

For this long-awaited warfare.

Fear Josh Neer

for his intentions are clear.

He's here to smear

what's left of your career.

After you tap cause the pain is so severe,

that is of course, if you don't get

choked out from the rear,

I'm gonna scream & I'm gonna cheer.

And while your cornerman is wiping up your tears,

Josh & I will be celebrating at the bar,

downing beers!

Nice!!!!! I will be cornering Josh, so maybe you can write half on your shirt, half on mine and we can stand together for pictures after the win! j/k

But, on a serious note, I think Josh has only fought one person her really didn't like (Kevin Burns). So, I think Josh will really lay the proverbial smacketh down on Mr Bear.


Reminds me of Nipsy Russell

Nipsy Russell????


There once was a man named Josh Neer

Who filled his opponents with fear

Has em' all on the run, fighting him is no fun

Who can beat him is still not clear

They called him the Dentist you see

His victims can't help but flee

They come one, they come all, and they all seem to fall

I hope he don't come after me

The Dentist is a scary scary man

And all will soon understand

When you fight the best, you die like the rest

And you'd better make some funeral plans

You can line up the victims all night

Just look how he carries the fight

With knees to the head, I'm suprised he's not dead

Jimmy Walker would say DYN-O-MITE!!!!!

That was pretty good! I'm gonna have to call Josh and tell him about that one/ I think everyone should write a Josh poem! And Chris, you want me to make you a tube top too?! lol

I think BGG should let one of his poems rip.

I don't know anything about Mark Bear or his skills.

But I have had the pleasure of watching Neer fight and the guy is a FUCKING ANIMAL!!

If I were you Chris I'd thinking of laying some down on Neer because he is money in the bank!

I think Chris meant that he bet $100 that Josh would win. He isnt likely to bet against Neer! And Chris, u can borrow whatever u want! ;) LOL! Can someone explain the Nipsy Russell thing to me? I'm in the dark here...

Nipsy Russell was in the movie 'Wildcats' with Goldie Hawn and Woody Harrelson, amongst others.

He was the principal of the school Hawn was coaching at and was always saying "rrriiiiiiiiiiggghhttt."

BTW I am going to be laying down a twenty on Neer in just a few short weeks....


I don't think your poems are going to get Josh to lift the restraining order on all you freaks.

Your poems, while cute, lack the timing and flow of a true poet lariat. You have to know your subject and delve into that subject's emotional content. Josh is Urban, so I would come out with edgy and provacative.

For example:

Josh Neer is a bad Mother Fucker

One by one these bitches fall

Come on get it right y'all

Josh Neer is a bad Mother Fucker

This punk ass bitch has some doubt

But soon enough, he'll find out

Josh Neer is a bad Mother Fucker

Before...Mark Bear wants to bring some drama

After...Josh will be riding Mark's Mama

Josh Neer is a bad Mother Fucker

BGG y'all. Lay down

Very nice BGG! lol! You'll have to put that on the next xkk commentary u do!

Gotta luv the queer BGG

"Gotta luv the queer BGG"

lol...who's on top?






Nipsey f'in Russell



I dont hink anyone is a bigger Josh jockrider than me! I'm the undisputed champ, thank you! ;)

lol. ok. u got Josh's bandwagon, I got his jock! Works for both of us!!