Poirier's coach confused with McGregor coach assesment

Are you glad when one coach questions another coach’s assessment like in this instance?

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Was he also confused when he thought Marty Usman would only wrestle?

Just as clueless as mcnugget himself

You can’t blame him, it’s his own guy, he has to protect him, we don’t know how it looks behind the scenes. He might be totally honest with Conor behind closed doors.

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Yes man

beautiful, Champ

Conner is trying to get the chat of another fight with Poirier but I hope Poirier doesn’t give it to him. 2-1. No more to see.

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How many unblocked elbows did Connor hit him with? I counted 11…I bet next morning dusty was in almost as much pain as condom.

Conor is a year out from being in fight shape again. Dustin will move on by then.

I bet we see Conor in a cowboy esq exhibition at best


I saw the tide turning very, very quickly. I thought Conor was going south quicker than he has in past. Maybe (probably) he knew of the injury.

Conor will face nate next. Only name he has a chance to beat

Exactly, what do you expect him to say? “Conor was getting destroyed. He was about to be finished in round 2”?

I assume it’s damage control. No one can really actually think conor wasnt done.
He was actually lucky with the break. With no break conor gets kod seconds into round 2 and it’s hard not to accept he’s nowhere near the top anymore.
With the leg break it allows his coaches and fans to spin a phony narrative