Poll for UFC 48

I'd like to take a poll on what you think of the outcome of UFC 48

Who do you think will win the following fights and how?

Shamrock VS Kimo (Shamrock, submission via armbar)

Frank VS Tim (Mir submission via toe hold)

Matt Hughes VS Charuto (Hughes via GnP)

Dennis Hallman VS Trigg (Hallman via decision)

Phil VS Evan (Evan via GnP again)

Lee Murray VS (If anyone knows his opponent yet)

Murray is fighting Curtis Stout

Sylvia will DESTROY

You know, I would have assumed that Frank Mir would be the underdog in this fight, but I just went to UFC.Tv to check out the polls, and Mir is winning by like 56%.

Personally, I think Mir knows this will definatley be his toughest fight, because who has Mir actually beaten that ranks up in the same caliber as Sylvia? Not many people if any, I think he's aware of this, I'm pretty sure he'll bring whatever it takes to take the big man out.

I'm not too familar with Stout, haven't seem him fight, I obviously can't pick a winner out of it, although I am a fan of Murray and would like to see him win this fight, and possibly moving up in a weight class to face Tito sometime in the future.

I think Murray will win, but I have heard Stout is another banger so it should be at least exciting while it lasts

Odessa has stated that Sylvia will be favored heavily, in the betting lines anyway. Hopefully sportsbook.com screws up and has Mir favored. I'll be all over Sylvia then.....

I mean look at Mir's last 2 fights for Christ sakes. Pathetic. If he can't smoke Sims, he's in for some pain against a good fighter. Sims is tough as they come, but his skill level is a D-.

Sylvia's reach is sooo hard to get by, and that's what will make him extremely hard to deal with for anyone he faces as long as they cannot get him down. I say Frank cannot get Tim down, and has a very short night (not in his favor) for that very reason.


IMO, Kimo will beat Ken fairly easily this time. Kimo is the bigger, & more modernly skilled fighter at this point.

I know this was meant to be Ken vs Tank, but I guess Tank wanted some pretty big money, and was attempting to get a fight in K-1 at the same time as the negotiations with ZUFFA were going on. So the idea of Ken vs Tank was dropped for now, and probably for any future bouts too (again, I think Ken will lose to Kimo).

This fight really doesn't make me wonder at all, know what I mean? I know it's an important fight for both fellas, but crap ... I guess I am just spoiled by previous mainevents ZUFFA has given me, and the rest of the MMA community, in the past.

Kimo by early TKO, possibly submission.


I seriously think Charuto is better than BJ is, at both striking, and grappling. He is also a very legit 6'er at 170 lbs.

I have to go with Charuto via an early submission, but you never know ... the loss to BJ may have awaken the sleeping beast again?


lol Hallman has been badmouthing Trigg ever since their fight in The WFA. Frank has not shyed one bit from replying to Hallman's banter either, so this one "SHOULD" be interesting.

My breakdown:

Stand up: Very slight edge to Trigg.

Wrestling: Trigg, hands down (he was recently a world class freestyler, for God's sake!)

Overall Grappling & Submissions: Has to go to Hallman, who is more of a grappling stylist than Frank is.

Strength: Trigg takes this as well, IMHO anyway.

Experience: I'd give Hallman a slight edge here, he's seen it all.

Explosiveness/power (ability to control, or end a bout using raw power, or explosiveness): Again, IMHO, Trigg has the edge here.

Overall most well-rounded game: Hallman, no question about it in my mind.

Susceptibility to subs: Has to be Trigg, as Hallman has never been subbed.

Best Chin: Even here, as each have suffered a KO loss once in their careers.

Smaller,(but still important)intangibles in the fight:

Activity (who has been the most active as of late): Hallman, by far.

Who's hot (meaning, who has the most momentum coming into this fight): Jeez, this one is about even. Neither guy is on a big winning streak or anything, so it's hard to say who will be carrying the advantage here.

Who makes the most mistakes in their fights: Hmm, that would be about even, as both have brainfarted away fights they were winning.

err, after all that dribble ... I am leaning, ever-so-slightly towards Trigg by Decision, in a chess match.


Baroni vs Tanner may not mean that much to the rankings picture at 185 lbs, but to both fighters this is a do or die fight, IMO anyway. I think both will be fired up and attempting to impose their battle plans on the other one .. which, should make for a great fight BTW.

I think Phil knows that Evan's chin wasn't handling his punches too well the last time, so he will, again, rush right out and try to take Tanner's head off ASAP.

I know Evan's plan HAS to be to get the fight down as early as is humanly possible for him, so he will not have to absorb as much punishment as he did last time ... but can he do it?

I think this fight, even though it's not really a marquee match up ... is creating a ton of fan interest, and the pressure will be on both guys to perform and keep their spot on ZUFFA's roster.

I am going to go with Phil, even though it will not be a popular pick ... I am picking with my gut, and I think Phil "can" hurt Evan early again ... and then finish him off this time.


Lee Murray will be facing Curtis Stout, and no matter that Curtis is telling me to "f^@& off" I still say he is there as a showcase win for Murray.

I don't mean any disrepect, but you have to be honest here ... he's in there because he is not really a ground fighter, and is much more likely to stand with Lee than about 95% of other middleweights out there. That fact alone means he (Stout) stands a pretty good chance of getting KOed by Murray (Murray handled Pele standing, I think that about sums it up, eh?).

I do respect Curtis for stepping up though, and no personal disrespect meant towards him at all. I am just calling it as I see it, that's it.

Shamrock VS Kimo: Shamrock by sub.

Frank VS Tim: Tim by KO.

Matt Hughes VS Charuto: Charuto by sub.

Dennis Hallman VS Trigg: Trigg by decision.

Phil VS Evan: Evan by GnP KO, but Baroni will likely put up an entertaining fight.

And I have no clue who Murray is even fighting, so fuck that for now.

I do not know about the rest, but I pick Trigg

take perfomance gold and spark before your fight trigg

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I do not know about the rest, but I pick Trigg"


I have to wander about Shammy and Kimo, I don't know why , but I think this could be a good old time showdown! With the BJJ that Kimo has been doing it makes it more interesting. Will there be a sub by either guy? I can't wait to see this one.

Ken should bring back the "purple cape" for this one!!

Verily I say unto the UG.....

Trigg's ONLY chance for a win is via decision.

If the fight ends before the 15th minute (3 x 5-min rounds)...it's by a Hallman submission.

Hallman' guard is better than Trigg's GnP. Trigg will be too busy defending submissions to GnP.

For those that think Frank is stronger...watch carefully when they fight. I don't think this is the case at all.

Trigg's wrestling backround is better documented because Hallman started fighting MMA after he won a high school state championship in 1994.

To plagarize a line from Roy Jones, Jr:
"Ya'll must o' forgot!"

Hallman wins by submission before the 15th minute.

Shamrock VS Kimo: Shamrock by boring decision

Frank VS Tim: Sylvia by TKO

Matt Hughes VS Charuto: Hughes by decision

Dennis Hallman VS Trigg Hallman by decision

Phil VS Evan Evan by TKO

Lee Murray vs Stout: Stout by whatever prayer is answered...because I hate Lee Murray.

"Trigg's wrestling backround is better documented because Hallman started fighting MMA after he won a high school state championship in 1994."

This is incorrect. Trigg has a better documented wresting background because the highlight from his career is not a Highschool state championship.

Shamrock VS Kimo leglock
Frank VS Tim tim by manslater

Matt Hughes VS Charuto (Hughes anyway he wants

Dennis Hallman VS Trigg trigg

Phil VS Evan even by ref

Lee Murray VS Stout murry by zuffa

Miller vs St.Piere decision, St.Piere

I think Tim will brutalise Mir...bad matchup for Mir.