Poll:Pulver vs. Kid Who would win?

Since Jens has dropped down to the 145 division, I think he would make a terrific opponent for Nori. Although Nori is my favorite fighter I am going with Jens on this one. This might defy logic for some of you, but I say Pulver by late tko.


I'd go with Kid on this one.

Oh why oh why do ya'll still doubt lil' evil.

Without a doubt, I would put all of my money on Kid.

Jens by KO!!!

Yamamoto....Although with Pulver, you never know what'll happen.

Kid by KO. Kid hits harder, has a solid chin, and is an olympic level wrestler.

I think the only guy at 143 that can possibly beat him is Pequeno, if he can catch him in his patented guillotine.

Y'know...I don't I'll ever bet against Jens unless he makes another guarantee to fight the other guy's fight like he did with Ludwig. If Jens fights *his* fight, I'll never beat against him.

jens is the man but kid would win by TKO

I'm not doubting Jens at all! I just think Kid would take this one.

Kid's takedown can't be stopped and i don't see Pulver having the skills in the guard to stop the most brutal ground and pound in MMA...he might land somethign standing though..but Kid hits harder than Pulver i think, not as good technique though, it'll be a great fight if it happens

Jens would get taken down in this one. Then we'd see some of his ground game a bit more.

Kid by rage...

Jens would win

KID Yamamoto by brutal TKO!

Jens. i have no doubt.

and i would be very suprised if anyone at 145 hits harder than Jens. he hit hard for 155, has dropped and word is with all his boxing he hits harder than he ever hit during his UFC reign.

Lil Evil for sure.

TTT 4 KID YAMAMOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!


then this fight will have to happen to let everyone know. I want it to happen that is for sure and I am glad to see that some of you do to.