POLL: Who ya got at UFC 268, Namajunas or Zhang?

  • Rose Namajunas
  • Zhang Weili

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Rose made it look easy last time. No reason not to pick her to repeat her performance…


I live in China, my wife is Chinese and the only time she has ever been at all interested in watching a fight is to watch Zang (against Joanna and Rose) … I will be rooting for Rose and I think she will win but I do hope Zang has the opportunity to look good. Rose is really easy for me to root for, seems like a good person, in and out of the octagon.


Zhang made a rookie mistake that she’s unlikely to make again.

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We’ll see tomorrow night.

Rose all day long, lets go Thug


Stylistically, I think this favors Rose. Joanna have too many opps for Weili to counter and bang. Rose fights on the outside too much however…if Weili can pressure Rose like Andrade in the rematch, that will be a test for Rose with a stronger and better striker.

Who do I want to win? Rose
Who do I think will win? Zhang.
I hope I’m wrong about that.

Hey Silver, why do u think Zhang will win? Personally I’m the other way around. Although I didn’t like the way Weili was making excuses after the fight, seems like she’s come around.

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Matt Serra made it look super easy too.

Why did we ever give that GSP bum a rematch?

Would Connors career be the same if Aldo got a rematch?

Or would we had just never pretended Nate Diaz was a GOAT to make up for it?

Marketing is a big real thing. I got a feeling Rose gets bullied tomorrow night.

“I’m not the best” she will say at the presser.

Zang had all she could handle with Joanna. Rose fucked Joanna up real bad both fights then made Zang look like an amateur.

Rose by brutal finish or sub before the 3rd.

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Zhang made mistakes that I don’t expect her to repeat. I feel like we will see the best version of her that we’ve ever seen in this fight.

That said, I hope I’m wrong. I really like Rose and would really like to see her continue to succeed.


I’m the exact opposite.

Pulling for Zhang. Gut says Rose.

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Second Rose Joanna fight was close.

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Zhang has athletic advantage
Rose has smooth striking

Rose has suspect cardio Zhang needs to weather a storm and stay on outside

I am fans of both of them. But, I have learned to never count Rose out of a fight.

And China is asshoe

Rose all day long.

Heart says rose. Mind says Zhang

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White desperately wants that Chinese market money.

money on the champ