Poor guy

Carrying the big guy's weight finally got to him. See the end.

How can you be sure?

i think he was just sick...its happened to a couple of guys at my place as well..u just get nuaseated(sp)? n have to vomit .

however the guy onthe bottom could have swept the guy with the initial guard he had.

he had the guys collar(left side) and was grabbing the (left) sleeve which is perfect...now all he had to do was bring the left leg across BIG BOYS body...hip escape to his left then post his foot on the big guys knee n push away into a sweep

big guy was pretty good at using his weight to maintain top.

I think PTM2020 is right in that the big guy knew how to use his weight to maintain the top position.

This guy is not only big but seem to move very well and that is a huge advantage for someone who already has the size.


Now why didn't he ever try to go to his knees to escape?? He was always trying to do the same thing - pull guard.

he hasn't learned that one yet?

Brother Bukkake - Yea, I agree. The weight is a huge advantage, but that doesn't discount that fact that he has skill in using it.

That is a nightmare blueblet

I feel bad sometimes for the guys who I roll with. When I started BJJ I was right at 400 pounds I am now down to 330 but add on the fact that I was a wrestler and know how to keep my base & I move very well for a guy my size I am sure I have given many nightmares about rolling with me. I try to keep most of the weight off the guys I train with and just use technique but sometimes when rolling it happens but most agree it helps them out later when rolling with a guy their size .

They are just lying to make you feel better. I always roll worse with people my own size after having all my bones and organs crushed.

i threw up on rodrigo gracie once after insulting him by asking him to roll when i was a lower belt. yeah needless to say i was a bit embarrassed

Wait... you have to tell the whole story, BR. lol

well i was at a seminar and we were doing open guard passing drills. at the time i had never rolled with someone of his level so i asked if i could go with him. at thetime i did not know about the rule where lower belts cant ask higher belts to roll. so we went i started on top. he swept me a bunch it was really hard to pass. i didnt pass at all and passing open guard is one of my strongest parts of my game. i was a little tired at this point then i switched top to bottom. he passed to half guard and i got a lock down but he put really good shoulder pressure on my face and then to my neck. i was trying to get him back to guard when the shoulder on my neck started to make me black out. i tapped he let go. i sat up like wow i almost passed out. then out of nowhere bloarghghgahgh. i tried to stop it with my hand but it just sprayed through my fingers. oh man it was horrible. i was the laughing stock of the academy and people i didnt even know who were there remember meto this day as the guy who puked on rodrigo haha.

lol!! How did he react?

he wasnt happy but he didnt get mad at me or anything. he just kinda looked at me like "are you serious?". after i ran to the bathroom and came back out i apologized and he pretended like he didnt want to shake my hand, but then he did and he smiled heh.

i think my instructor talked to him letting him know that i am an idiot and dont really know what i am donig sometimes haha.

Haha, great story BR...

About the vid, I really hope that the guy wasn't smelly.

It is bad enough to carry a huge guys weight on you.

But watch the vid again and imagine top guy having REALLy bad body odour... that'd be a lot worse, and we all know it happens....

Reminds me of rolling with my instructor Flexa:

bluenamer please:


Daniel @ Carlson Gracie Holland

he straight up quit because he didnt want the lower belt tapping his azz which was he knew was going to happen

he needs a clue how to position his arm when someone is cross side