Poor Minowa

Why does he subject himself to these humiliating beatings ? What is he or DSE/Pride trying to prove with these mismatch losses ?

A couple of shots to the gut and he was finished.

He needs to fight guys his own size.

"Why does he subject himself to these humiliating beatings ?"

It's his job.

"It's his job".

Perhaps it's time to re evaluate his career options.

they want him to be the new Saku

fight anyone @ any weight and anytime

problem is, hes no Saku, Saku is a special human being

Minowa could be classified as special, but in a "short bus" type of way

i don't like minowa, but we've gone over this before. too bad he gets to get beaten up by a guy like cro cop though. so many better match-ups for mirko.

This is one of those cases were having 'guts' is hazardous to your health.

too small and outclassed, that's gotta hurt

someone has to since Saku left, Pride needs someone to take the beating. In his defense Minowa is a cool guy, I have trained with him, and I have to admire him for stepping up, no way in hell I would step into a ring with Mirko


He was a little minnow in a BIG pond. I think this fight puts to rest any
speculation of how the smaller guys would have done in this tourny. I
love Gomi, but he would have been killed.

It is called taking a paycheck for the Japanese fans who like that kind of shit.

Everyone including him knew he had no chance and he was going to get hit and go down as soon as he could make it look real.