poor sylvia cant catch a break huh

I just hope that Mino is working hard on defending the holding against the fence that Tim does."

Other than the first two rounds of the Vera fight, when has he done that?

Yeah...his tattoo is pretty cocksome.

terry martin?

is he going to show up?

my cack looks that blue after I bang a smurf.

The name for the tat is SWOCK.  

Tim who??????

Big Time will get all the Props if he gets a win against Nog!


"If your cock looks like that tattoo,youve got problems..."

mine does!!! (and my ballsack even has the 4 matching finger holes for easier gripping too)

Worst Tattoo ever in the history of mankind!

Wait, think i said that already

Crooklyn has cockchete'd the correct (first post)...I forget who made the shirt here but 'rock out with your Brock out'

all i hear about is brock lesnar

That king hippo costume is awesome

Big Tim with the win.