poor sylvia cant catch a break huh

cus his fights are never advertised on top

brock-mir is gettin top billing?

even though tim-nog is for the strap (interim)

and wasnt he on a card with tito were he defended yet wasnt advertised on top?

I don't see how that makes him poor Tim.

Only a muthaphukker with some faggety ass thoughts could think that thing looks like a cack, no other explanation.

you must be trying really hard not to look.  that thing is phallic.  it even has veins.

If your cock looks like that tattoo,youve got problems...

my cack is not that shade of dark blue.

Gotta blame Tim for that. Look at his recent fights with Monson and Arlovski. They looked like episodes of Dancing with the Stars, with a lumbering giant.

Sylvia has to be Zuffa's most favorite fighter on the roster. I dont think I know any fighter who had more title shots than Sylvia.

Title shot vs. Ricco, Title shot vs. Mir, Title shot vs. Andre, Title shot vs. Andre again, title shot now against Mino.
He is not poor anything. If anything, he is very lucky man. I have a feeling that even if he loses against Mino. He will be sure to get yet another title shot again in near future.

Oh, I've seen Sylvia catch a break....


I just hope that Mino is working hard on defending the holding against the fence that Tim does.

That shit is just painfully boring to watch.

I want to see Mino with the strap after an exciting finish.

Ya a Kit-cat bar

UFC 81 Fight Card:

Tim Sylvia vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Frank Mir vs Cock Chestner

Jeremy Horn vs Nate Marquardt

Ricardo Almeida vs Alan Belcher

Gleison Tibau vs Tyson Griffin

Chris Lytle vs Kyle Bradley

Marvin Eastman vs Terry Martin

David Heath vs Tim Boetsch

Keita Nakamura vs Rob Emerson

Looks like Big Tim gets top billing to me. And rightfully so.

LMAO @ cockchete

He gets plenty of big fights and is probably more capable of frustrating Nog than many are willing to admit. We'll see. Not sure if fight will be exciting but Tim has a good shot to win, like it or not.

As far as the tat goes, it's hideous no matter what it looks like. I really can't believe he hasn't had it removed. Would have done just as well to turn his bellybutton into a horses bunghole.

Tim does not sell tickets...Mir and Lesnar are...!!

"Great losses (AA, Mir, Couture), but losses just the same."

Those were all good losses, his loss to steroids is his best though.

I wonder if Dana has to explain to Tim, that he is rather boring and they will not be advertising his fight as the top fight. I have to believe that Tim does not see it this way, but they must have to discuss this with him.


tibau v. griffin is the fight i can't wait to see....also interested to see how almedia looks after his randy-esque "retirement"....the general lack of interest in sylvia's fights is proof positive that joe ufc-fan is into style over substance....i'd take all of tim's ugly wins over a handful of exciting losses


Sprawl N' Stall is in the house !!