Poor Tank....

and Trigg... trying to get some paper.

WTF is this about?

yep :(

Tank talking WWE crap to Kimbo trying to setup next fight... Trigg commentating on crappy production... They just called him Frank Twinkle Toes TRIGGS. lol


Tank is old now, but I have ZERO doubt that a young Tank would WRECK Kimbo. MUCH more power, wrestling ability, and raw strength.

This old Tank would WRECK Kimbo as well. No problem at all.


Tank vs Kimbo, I'd buy that crappy PPV

^ Sept. 16 you can

I hop Tank comes in in some kind of shape and trains w/ someone decent.

He may be old and fat and whatever else but he is still getting paid to fight in different places around the world.

Old and fat or not, I still think he's the stronger man. He hits harder, if it's a brawl Tank could KO him. But, Kimbo will win by taking him down or just out lasting Tank.

mojo has spoken..esp after kimbo ran from the punching aspect to grappling with mercer.

LOL @ "Poor Tank" chasing paper.

It's old news that Tank has been financialy set for a while now and only fights because he loves to fight.

Big O-"...Thanks to the type of people who will still pay to watch a fighter who is the living definition of one-dimensional and has one win since the turn of the century..."-----------------------------------------------------Uh, he just took his UFC money and his WCW money and made some wise investments. That's all.

LOL @ you.

What do you care about who likes what ? What, you left because everyone doesn't HATE tank as much as you ? Well good, leave again.

BTW i was talking about tank's financial investments, not his fight w/ Varelens or whatever crap you're talking about.

LOL @ you

"I hop Tank comes in in some kind of shape and trains w/ someone decent."

I'm a Tank fan, but I wonder how many times that statement has been made in the past 13-14 years.

"They just called him Frank Twinkle Toes TRIGGS. lol"

He's been called that since the beginning of his career.
That's his nickname.