Pornstar to fight Kimo for 1 mil?

Kimbo beats a old man now he is worth 1 mil lol.

Dick Delaware by third-hook insertion.  And Kimo would LOVE it.

Don't count Dick Deleware out! He may whip his schlong out and club Kimo into submission with his wang.

LOL @ 1 million for this fight. LMAO

Brink's a fighter that always could've been better than he was. He's pretty well rounded and has a good punch.
I'll take him over Kimo...but for a million dollars aren't there better fighters than Brink?


"his gay porn thing didnt work out..."

That was just a rumor started by John Lober. They got some bad blood between the two of them. Brink is a very straight man!

who the fuk wouldnt fight kimbo for 1 million?


who the fuk wouldnt fight kimbo for 1 million?


KIMO People, this is about KIMO, not KIMBO!

holy shit, it does say

.....the power of the bread is strong on the UG

then again................who the fuk wouldnt fight Kimo for 1 million?

it is KIMO not Kimbo

Why would anyone put up 1 million to have a porn star fight Kimbo Slice?

I think instead they should try and bring in UFC 3 enthousiast KIMO(we didnt forget the last name, there is no last name! Hello, my name is Kimo Leopoldo")

Can people actually read that it says Kimo and not Kimbo. Two different people.

lol at anyone who would put up 1 mill to see these two fight.

Look at this jackass with his belt and all.

Name David Derby
Record 0 - 2 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Losses 2 Submissions (100.00%)


I read it as Kimbo in the thread title and actually thought that it would be a fucking brawl and when I opened the thread I realized it was fucking Kimo.

I'm not interested in seeing Kimo fight a cold much less Dick Delaware.

How about kimbo versus kimo.

"Is Brink the dude who was armbarred by a 19-year old Arlovski in his UFC debut?"

Well, he lasted longer than Sylvia or Buentello in their first fights with AA, but yes.

Brink never shows up . If he does , one will take a fall and they will split 500,000 ea.