Post a pic of the NEXT CAR U WILL BUY...

keep it real folks. what car is on the list that you will most likely purchase. (not wish to buy)

me folks, if i sell enough monster this year:

probably a Nissan pickup.

i swear a pick up would probably be the better choice.

i dunno why i bought this fucking 4 door sedan.

too old to pack my friends and "go cruzing".

my back seat is used for old books and magazines.

Just got this last weekend.


another one of these for work and

to pull this

FCTV808,my buddy just bought a new camaro,it will not disappoint.

The red one in the back is what I have now ( used to be the Mrs., but now with the new G37 I will be driving the Jeep ) Within a year it will look like the blue one in the front, but I am thinking flat black for the color.


mrs tjmitchWND!

get the prius

love that blue cherokee tj


Bald Man not included. Honda Ruckus. up to 75mph.  need to make my own gun attachments. Sgt Slaphead......some help?

big pimpin