Post Your Most Shocking 2009 Undisputed Fights

Win or lose, what was the most shocking fight that took place while playing online??

Mine happened last night. Searching for a quick match I ended up fighting a guy who was Level 100. I was only able to choose my CAF fighter.

Waiting for a minute for my opponent to pick his CAF fighter I browsed his stats. This guy had 532 wins and only 1 loss. "WTF?" I thought to myself.

My opponent's fighter finally shows up and it fucking Vinny Maghalaes!

The fight starts and after I throw a few punches he secures a clinch and throws a flying armbar. My bar was still fully green and there was no way I was defending that armbar no matter how hard I spun that right stick.

I was defeated in less than 30 seconds. Fuck.

After losing fans and points, I pressed "A" to search for another session. Ended up finding one right away. Same fucking guy!! I figured I'd let the rematch happen.

The rematch went down exactly the same way it did the first time. This guy is probably the best at this game. Period.

*Keep in mind I don't play this game nearly as heavily as normal Xbox players. My online record is a terrible 3 wins and 45 losses.

modded controller

Really? I need to find said turbo controller.