Posting Tricks?

OK, so I can post pictures now, but I'm not one to duck out with an early victory, so, what other things can we do?

How do you post a video, or a blue, underlined link to a web page?

What else can we do that mere mortals can't?

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Seeing if I remember this..........HTML LINK #1HTML LINK #2HTML LINK #3HTML LINK #4

This should be archived as a reference.

Excellent! Thanks guys!

I'm going to bed now, but expect some pretty computer-whiz-like posts from me soon.

Now, how do we archive? ...

I like HTML tricks!

Wow! And waht tricks can she do?

I hate when people post background like that. You can barely read the posts.


You mean you are actually trying to read the posts with THAT background?