Pound for pound fighters...

I am looking through all of the threads and I keep seeing the phrase "he's the best pound for pound fighter in the world" and etc...

you guys really shouldn't use the phrase pound for pound until you really know what it means.

just stop.

and just for the record... chuck liddell is NOT the best pound for pound fighter in the world. The same people that are saying this said this about Matt Hughes and now Chuck.

why do you say that?

So who is the best pound for pound fighter out there?

Evil that is an excellent question. It is also a difficult question with the factor that so many fighters are changing weight classes.

Gomi or Sakuraba are both excellent at their weight classes and are definately are better pound for pound fighters than Chuck. Nog is also easily a better pound for pound all around fighter than chuck.

Some people would say that sherk is but that is obviously not true with his loss to matt hughes.

I would have to say that sakurai is way up there followed by aoki but to declare who is an evident pound for pound "champion" of sorts... nearly impossible.

why couldn't chuck be i think its either chuck or fedor no one else in any class has been as unstoppable lately

chuck and fedor both have extra pounds that aren't adding to their ability as fighters.

pound for pound means that if someone who is kick ass at 140 weighed 220 their abilities raising to scale and deal with the weight. It isn't about who is the most dominant in their weight class. It is who would be the most overall dominant fighter if they all weighed the exact same weight.

and then of course this is just accounting for the most known fighters. not even the guys that are just hitting pro and hitting it hard.

Hrmphhh...Your right, it's not easy to come up with an answer...So many variables.

see I exactly disagree. It was actually a post about him that caused me to post this.

what about the fact that Nog has beaten him twice in one of those divisions? Plus most of the world believes that he wouldn't haven't beaten Wanderlei if he hadn't been sick.

I agree that it shouldn't be based on external factors but many people don't believe that he would be the "champion in two weight classes" if he were at 100% which was the point I was trying to make in contradiction to your point.

I am not saying he shouldn't be ranked but I am sure there are some 140 guys that if they came up would rock Dan Henderson.

You are right about Nog being a weightclass above him. Sorry, I missed that but still that being said they fought at the same weight class when they fought and Nog beat Henderson meaning that Nog is the better fighter at that weight. therefore eliminating Henderson as a contender for the number one fighter at that weight. That being said he also lost to misaki at the same weight that he naturally fights at.

Don't get me wrong. he is a contender but how could he be called the best? I really think there are some 145ers out there that would come out of the woodwork if they gained the weight. And once again the rookies who are training harder and harder.

I will make this easy for everyone KID YAMAMOTO is the best P4P fighter in the world. He is and elite wrestler, a good striker, with KO power, who faired well in K-1 max despite little kickboxing experience and a huge size disadvatage. He did better than Bang did against Masato and Bang wasn't facing a significant weight and size disadvantage.

Kid would destroy any 135 lbs fighter (his natural weight class)

Kid would destroy any 145 lbs fighter as it is and if he actually weighed 145lbs he would do it more easily.

Kid can give and 155 lber a serious run, and if he actually weighed 155 he would smash them.

A 170 lbs kid would take Huges down and pound him out. He would KO Serra like he did Royler.

A 185 lbs Kid would effortlessly take down A. Silva and GnP him relentlessly. He would stuff Filhos TDs and KO him.

A 205 lbs Kid would booger Chuck no problem. Kid is a more accomplished kickboxer than Chuck, a more accomplished wrestler than Chuck, and has hellacious GnP.

A 220 Lbs Kid would present fedor with something he has never seen before and would frankly be one scary fighter.

Kid is one of the most complete fighters in the game. Who else can hang with top guys fighting two weight classes up? Kid is the best P4P fighter.

An equaly sized Kid would smash Hendo.


rickson by armbar

WesX great post. Perhaps it is pound for pound the best post I have read today

haha you have a great point there.

my thread is the pound for pound champion of all other threads.

well I don't think that chuck is the best fighter at 205 anyway so a comparison between kid and chuck is kinda futile.