Pound for Pound ratings stolen from Weightwatchers

I like Dana White I regard him as a icon, however he needs to stop with this pound for pound thing, fact is thats a patented weightwatchers term 


As a chubby chaser as the terms is loosley given myself I am well aware of the politics in weight watchers, I go to the meetings , check out the forums, the personals, I hear the gossip, I hear about lhe politics the legal discussions over trademarks and the like & there is on weight watchers forum a lot of discussion on the term "pound for pound"


It refers to the food count points given per food group, for instance a pound of cheese is like 1000 points, a pound of lettuce is 100 points, so can eat 10 pounds of lettuce per pound of cheese, not only is this insulting to compare Hose Aldo to a lettuce and Jon Jones to a block of cheese or a loaf of corn bread its frankly illegal.


The President of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which is a wrestling slash boxing organisation keeps referring to pound for pound, he does this in reference to wrestlers versus other wrestlers rather than food groups, not mentioning Weightwatchers at all, what kind of legal action has been, is being taken about this?

Me and a lot of my friends are upset that he is degrading what we are doing here, we are chasing a healthy vibrant lifestyle and its been treated as one small black man is better than a larger black man. Now I am not racist but this is insulting and puts me off the food I Should be eating, rather than what I am eating, what can be done ?



There is a lot of really upset people on the message boards, I think Dana may have bitten off more than he can chew, these guys can chew & keep on chewing.




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Wait until the cuiinary union finds out about this!

The mayo will hit the fan for sure!


Those  ultimate guys are not good role models, some of them are over 400 pounds, I realise a lot of that is muscle but the BMI is still far in excess of what is healthy, I just feel this is sending the wrong message to our members.


They mad.

There are suggestions that dW may have been to wW at some point in the past and thats not welter weight if so can see perhaps where he got this from, irregardless is irresponsible if applicable in this instance.

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interesting find.

Now we're gonna start seeing weight watchers ads plastered all over the octagon.

How many points are a knuckle sandwich?

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Karl Olsson - How many points are a knuckle sandwich?
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It's just water weight, bad glands. Phone Post 3.0

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That's fucking illegal. Phone Post 3.0

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Dana should fine/suspend himself for violating UFC CoC.

He's offended an entire class of people...

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Calo your maths may be incorrect. A pound of cheese weighs the same as a pound of lettuce...at least in most countries. Phone Post 3.0