Prangley vs Kondo in BODOG!!

GREAT fight by BODOG. I worry that Prangley will lay on him but his fight w/Semenov was good even though Semenov did more IMO. Hopefully its not like Kondo vs The Janitor, ZZZZZ, but could be exciting as hell.

Two VERY tough guys that are hard to finish... hoping for a war!! Who you got in this one?? Of course I want Kondo-san to win but Prangley is a monster. One of the meanest rasslers out there. I call Kondo by flying kick or Prangley by UD LOL.

Yep...Prangley by decision. Nice matchup.

Ya he sure might be. But then again Semenov hung w/him and he walks at 183. dude is crazy to fight at MW which is why he has way more losses than he should.

but of course semenov is crazy strong due to his rings (gymnastics) background.

I HOPE Kondo can get his career back on track.

Not too long ago "Kondo" beat the current MW/LHW Champ Hendo in arguably one of the worst decisions in Pride history.

If Kondo brings his A-game, he will win handily.

uhhh.. I just looked at this Prangley dude's record. Not impressive. He even lost to journeyman Jeremy Horn.

kondo has done so much more recently. He beat Gono, Nakamura and Hendo if you don't count the crooked official record.

Kondo wins this one.

"i dont see kondo stoping the takedown and do any of you see kondo on top of trevor ground n pounding him over the course of 3 rounds just hard for me to see kondo winning this fight"

Kondo mounted Hendo for like half of their fight. Kondo is a very complete fighter. He also beat Gono recently and Gono is a much better fighter than Prangely.

EY is an idiot.

Kondo lost based on the judging criteria of your beloved Pride FC.

Horn is a far more complete fighter than Kondo.

"EY is an idiot.

Kondo lost based on the judging criteria of your beloved Pride FC.

Horn is a far more complete fighter than Kondo. "


Go watch the Hendo/Kondo fight and tell me by PRIDE's criteria who won.


Same thing with the Nakamura fight. Even Nakamura admitted HE DIDN"T win.

you just got owned.

and lol @ Jeremy Horn. What has he done? Kondo has Koed frank shamrock, beat SHW semmy schilt 3x, TKOed Mario Sperry, destroyed BJJ legend Saolo Riberio, KOed ADCC Champ Sanae Kikuta, beat the shit out of Guy Mezger, outstruck Josh Barnett on the feet.

Jeremy horn was punked by Tamura and Kanehara, Pride's so-called "uber cans"

you have no case.

You have no knowledge. Go to sleep.

Kondo slamming Schilt was just crazy!!

The show is in Trenton, New Jersey and runs on Saturday July 14 2007 at 7:30 pm at the Sovereign Bank Arena.

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I have far more knowledge than you. Your logic is always skewed in favour of Japanese fighters and organisations. At first I thought you were just a troll but it seems you're just another internet character like TheAdonis.

Kondo beat Saulo in his MMA debut, BJJ legend or not, it's hardly a great achievement. Tamura is far from a can. Why try to make it sound as though that's my view of him, idiot.

I won't go watch Henderson/Kondo, I've seen them both compete in the SuperBowl of MMA that is UFC, and I know the result as given by the judges.

Also, Semmy Schilt was a one dimensional HW when Kondo beat him. Why mention Barnett fight? Kondo lost convincingly.

Horn has done a lot in this sport. He's trained many great fighters and given us fans a lot of excellent fights. Why would you laugh at his achievements?

Perhaps you could show us your contribution to MMA so we can all have a good laugh!