Predict changes made by new UFC owners

More top guys on the underground

WME who packaged the deal rep Ronda Rousey along with a couple other big names. I bet it's even more concentrated on creating stars, but otherwise it will be business as usual for the foreseeable future. Phone Post 3.0

The offical UFC fight uniform will be a banana hammock.

baj54 - We're about to see the sport we enjoy and love become a watered down pos. I guarantee within two years this will go down as the worst major transaction ever and not a single one of us will be interested in watching the new product. You thought reebok and Fox commercialized the sport just wait and see what happens. Phone Post 3.0
If they fuck up the UFC another promotion will just step up and take their place anyway. Phone Post 3.0

more comprehensive creation of stars and backing talent. Better coverage of the sport and growth in markets. A SHIT ton of hard calls on execs and some clearing of house is I'm sure expected. WME might want to bring in some head honchos/talent of there own for departments they feel need to change practices etc.

What I feel sad about is that say what you want about the fertitta era I truly feel it was a labor of love for the actual sport they fought to grow (and did). Yet to see how the new owners treat the sport, are they truly lovers of MMA or is it mostly business (which I feel it is).

1/3 of the roster gets cut
Name brand fighters actually fight 3-4 times a year
MMA gets treated like a real sport and not WWE

WW goes to 175 lbs.Introduce the Light Welter Weight division 165 lbs.

Frank Shamrock gets inducted into the HoF Phone Post 3.0

Top athletes required to take acting or public speaking training. Phone Post 3.0

Themed events that include electrified fence, overhead sprinklers and strobe light matches. Shit like that. Phone Post 3.0

I think the biggest change will have something to do with distribution. I could see the UFC picking up a contract to be on more channels than just Fox, or better ones.  Aside from that I would surprised to see too many major changes on the outside as long as they are keeping Dana. Being smart investors they are going to know what they can do to improve the UFC's distribution into markets, and improvement financially, however they are not going to want to mess with the final product too much because the UFC has proven they know what works.

More jacked white boys. Phone Post 3.0

Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell will gradually get bigger like Lorenzo and Dana did.

No more "Face The Pain"

Even more celebrities at every UFC event. More camera time for them too.

More big fights on free tv.

More international events.

Increase in dIsclosed pay figures

Ariel Helwani gets all access and Ari on speed dial.

"Half Time" shows

Dana's coke intake will skyrocket over the next couple years

Dana and Ari will argue a lot behind the scenes. Either Dana bottles up his frustation and becomes ill or he punches Ari right in the face. Dana won't last 2 years.

UFC 300 in Tel-Aviv

boxy - A ring with PRIDE rules.

I wish.

This is all I want.

Hollywood is a stars business. So we will see more attempts to create stars because that's what works out there. The biggest profit source is animated movies so we can expect animated shows instead. Much more profitable if Pixar produces UFC with Buzz Lightyear type characters. Connor will also be forced to promote Lucky Charms.

Could they do something like the running man where everyday people get a head start then UFC fighters get released all guns blazing Phone Post 3.0