president election

did n e one take notice of the thoughts that one of the runners said. that person said that they want to make okinawa and vietnam combine. how crazy is that. in fact they want to also change its name. they want to call it okininam !!!! damn president wanna be's

LOL! That was funny.
If you guys no understan, gotta be Bok Bok fo understan.
Maybe not, as everybody uses it, but misunderstand the meaning of it. Had a thread awhile back on the meaning of it.

Reminds me of Chicken Nut Bread.
Teacher asks a japanee, a prrogee, and a bok bok student to use the words chicken, nut and bread in a sentence.
The japanee goes, "We went grocery shopping and we bought some chicken and nut bread"

The porrogee goes, "We had chicken and nut bread for dinner".

Thee bok bok thinks and goes, "I put dee plastic bag ober my sisterrr's head and chicken nut bread"....


 i feel white..  ;-(

bidai? (sp?)