press conference is live now

The press conference is streaming at

new format, the camera is switching to the reporters as they ask the questions giving them some camera time too.

Don't understand why there is no sticky for this...

u slippin ug.

UG news in 3, 2, 1 (days)

Toney blinged out...

apparently picked up a sponsor from sinister

toney acting like a damn fool.

Toney creates awkwardity awkwardly.

2JupitersTooMany - Toney creates awkwardity awkwardly.

"Say it again Dana.. Sat it again.."

"I'm the only real guy in boxing." "Buncha cowards."

He's a really, really, really poor man's Chael Sonnen

You guys missed the most important part of the press conference. Thankfully, I was in the same thread as Card, who was able to capture the moment.

I wanted to say something, but I feared outing myself as ignorant of who that woman is.

prints screen

I have no idea, either, jupes, but "future ex-wife" sounds pretty good.

Very sexy and the accent multiplies that sexy by 10.

Where was Helwani? Or did I just get to the video late.. I didn't see Fowlkes either.. saw Chipetta im pretty sure.