Press Release... MMA Agents

Well hell... Joe must have a new source that he is using because Serra is listed as 13-4 on the UFC page (and Lytle @ 18-12-5).

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Why are you licking me?

Look for regular updates...

The old UFC cards are much better than the new ones. They brought it to the mainstream U.S. but the quality has gone to hell.

matt and shonie's last fight shouldn't be in the FCF database, as it was considered an exhibition. all pre-recorded TUF bouts are considered exhibition (so Zuffa can keep the results secret).

If Ken were schizophrenic, he'd be good people...

Mr. Pavia,

Could you let us know who is your current up to date list of fighters who are under your management umbrella? We are looking for fighters to match up with our ever growing list of clients and would be interested in possibly matching up some of our fighters with yours on future cards. If you would like to e-mail or private message them to us, we would be more than happy to provide that information to you sir.