Pressure on Brock, not Smith

After searching around the net, I have notice that the Calvin Brock vs. Terry Smith fight has brought a lot of exposure to Brock. All the pressure is on Calvin, and not my friend Terry. No one is picking Terry to win, and Calvin views Terry as a very easy fight. With all the talk of finding the next heavyweight, all the pressure has been put on Brock, not Smith. So with all the hype that has been generated towards Calvin, if Terry wins will everyone give him credit or will everyone say that Brock is not all that to begin with.

Jeff, nobody knows Smith and Calvin can be considered a pretty good prospect based on his amateur background. I saw Brock fight a four rounder a few years ago, and he wasnt that impressive but I can bet he has improved a good deal with Tom Yankello as his trainer. Smith's claims to fame are being unbeaten and sparring with Toney-hopefully he has picked up some defensive moves and counterpunching skills from JT. This is a big opportunity for both guys IMO- a chance to impress a network TV audience. Next step for either guy could be an Showtime or HBO appearance if they take care of business.

I understand that, but it just seems that when the more know undefeated prospect loses then no one gives the credit to the winner, they just write it off as the amateur standout was not all that. If you know what I am saying.

I hear ya Jeff, but there are always gonna be haters and cynics. It always happens in boxing. The problem with Smith-Brock is that both guys have had so little exposure so you dont really know how good either one are. One guy might have an off night and people will say hes a stiff or a bum.