Preventing knee injuries?

I started having some pain in my knees, probably from grappling and starting from the knees for most of the time, could you please give some advice on how to prevent knee injuries?


I doubt your knees are having problems because you start from the knees most of the time.

Prevention is the idea that measures are taken before any problem occurs in order to avoid problems. Pain is your body telling you that something wrong and that a problem has become severe enough that it needs your attention. Therefore, since you already have pain in your knees, it means it is too late for prevention as a problem has already occurred. Just because you have not suffered an acute truama with your knees does not mean there isn't a problem.

Sorry Bolo, my mistake prevent wasn´t want I ment, I wanted to ask how to fix the problems with my knees.


No practitioner of any modality can tell you how to fix your problem without looking at your body and situation specifically. To give specific advice without examining your situation would be irresponsible and could be potentially harmful to you.

With that being said, here's some food for thought....

When you begin to have problems like you are experiencing, it is never the result of only one thing. People tend to say, I have a problem with "insert name of body part" because of BJJ. Well, there are plenty of other people who also have problems with their bodies and they don't do BJJ. You need to realize that your problems are a result of your lifestyle and BJJ is just one part of your lifestyle. Therefore, besides looking for some sort of treatment to fix your problem, some changes in your lifestyle will be needed or else the problem will continue to occur. Think of it like losing weight. If you can exercise all you want, however, if you are constantly eating junk food and fast food, the exercise will have limited success in helping you lose weight. In addition, as soon as you stop exercising, you will gain everything back again.

As you search for a solution for your problem, the other thing you must honestly ask yourself is "what is your goal and what you willing to do to get there?" This may seem like an odd and obvious question, but I find that most people are not honest with themselves. Most people say they want to be pain free. However, there is a extremely large percentage of the population who actually mean "I want to resolve the problem as much as I can without spending any time or effort" or "I want to resolve the problem as much as I can without spending any any money out of my own pocket."

So, for an example, if you don't wish to spend any money out of your own pocket, then your only options are the methods of treatment covered by your medical insurance or "free" advice on the internet. One thing I don't suggest is taking the free advice on the internet. For example if you look at the strength and conditioning forum, you see personal trainers giving advice in areas that are completely out of their field. I deal with people in pain every day and I cringe at some of the advice that I see is given.

If you not interested in spending much additional time or effort, then that also narrows down the modalities that you may want to look at. For example, the system I practice requires a person does an exercise program for 30 - 45 min. 7 days a week. Many people are not willing to put in such an effort and therefore other modalities may be a better option to look into.

If you are interested in what I may possibly be able to do for you, read all the info on my website at If the system I use seems to suit your personality and what you are looking for, then drop me an e-mail. If not, there are many other modalities out there that may be able to offer some help.

Thanks again Bolo for giving me such an informative answere! I will make sure that I read all the info and get back to you.