Prices, what are you paying?

as long as you are paying for instruction from a brazilian black belt, no price is really too high; you know you are learning the real thing.

Cleber's prices: 175.00 a month unlimited plus a one time registration of 65.00. There is a one year contract that you sign, but that is the price for a solid blackbelt in SoCal.

some of the prices are high and some are good whatever the case i hope the instruction is worth it.

Only $50.00 a month here in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Clint Crabtree, the highest rank instructor in the area (purple belt) teaches twice a week, two hours a shot. Every three months or so BJJ black belt Jorge Gurgel comes in for seminars as well.

In Michigan we don't have the density of black belt instructors yet but the dedication of the people here is extraordinary since we have to work so hard for what we get.


Rickson's place in west LA is not cheap. Closer to $115/month for 2x week, about $150/month for unlimited.

150 at NYC Machado JJ (Marcos Santos)

150 for 2 privates a week with a Machado Black Belt (Dan Gonzalez)

Kneeblock, do you go to Dan's aswell?

I train in South San Diego. I am a blue belt and I train about three to four times a week. I have been training at my school for going on five and a half years. At times, I assist with teaching and when my instructor is on vacation, I teach. Because of the help I give around the school, I only pay fifty bones a month for unlimited training. In addition, I have a key to the place, so I make a little money on the side doing privates on the weekends.