PRIDE 29 Official Matches-CONFIRMD

From Sportnavi:

Mirko Crocop vs Mark Coleman

Sergei Kharinotov vs Choi Mu Bae

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Allistair Overeem

Igor Vovchanchin vs Yoshiki Takahashi

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs "Ninja" Rua

Announced without opponents:

Werdum, Yokoi, Sperry, Nakamura and Ryan.


Crocop vs Coleman is an excellent matchup as is Rampage vs Ninja.

The match that I dont understand is Choi vs Sergei. Choi is going to get killed in there. But he has shown that he can take a beating.

Mirko Crocop vs Mark Coleman

Sergei Kharinotov vs Choi Mu Bae
*Rather see him fight someone else.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Allistair Overeem
*Should be a good fight.

Igor Vovchanchin vs Yoshiki Takahashi
*WHAT?? I thought he was fighting Ninja.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs "Ninja" Rua
*I'll take it!

Fight of the night: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs "Ninja" Rua

But why waste Mirko, Sergei and Igor on scrubs. The Nog fight will be good, but is a typical mismatch.

I completely disagree with your post pilot.

No way is rogerio a typical mismatch for alistair.

That is the hardest fight to call in my opinion.

And coleman a scrub? His best days maybe behind him, but a wrestler like coleman stands a decent chance at mirko.

When is Pride 29 and US PPV telecast?

it is a mismatch, it's going right to the ground over in the first round by armbar, triangle or anaconda choke.

lol@Coleman being a scrub, I have a feeling he will destroy Crocop and destroy his dreams of being a title contender once and for all.

This is little nog were talking about right? He has good submissions but his last fight with nakamura was really close, even though nakamuras very good himself, I did not think lil nog looked that good.

Is it the lil Nog or the big Nog? That will make the difference. Of course Coleman is no scrub, I was referring to the opponents they gave Igor and Sergei. Did Sergei piss someone off, they should be using him more. Mirko is my favorite fighter, but I fear the day he fights Sergei, I can't see him winning that one.

seems like a pretty solid card to me. i can't wait to see kharitonov bludgeon choi.

i'm hoping that ryan gracie gets a good opponent, but somehow i think they'll give him akira shoji.

quinton vs. ninja = WAR

And I actually will be rooting for CroCop because I really wanna see him fight Fedor.

great card. you people who say this card stinks are nuts. Sure it's no GP, but it's still pretty damn sweet.

Hendo turned down a Rampage fight.

Props to Ninja for stepping up!!!

Feb 25 th its on a fri right..

call me nuts the card is a letdown

Winston Wolf you are nuts.

This card so far is amazing. PRIDE cards are just unbelievable. Sometimes when I read some of the comments from MMA "fans" I just have to shake my head in disbelief.

Damn!Ninja and Rampage are two of my favortie fighters yet they will be facing each other.Dan should have taken the match and stepped up but he let Ninja step up for him and props to NINJA!!!!!!Sergei is goign to kill Choi.Mirko and Coleman will result in Coleman getting KO'ed at the end of the first.

Mirko Crocop vs Mark Coleman - Not a given that Cro Cop will win. Mark is still a top fighter - Very close

Sergei Kharinotov vs Choi Mu Bae - Sergei early - unless Choi is just "unbeatable"

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Allistair Overeem - The winner will be the better conditioned fighter.

Igor Vovchanchin vs Yoshiki Takahashi - Good night Takahashi.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs "Ninja" Rua - Ninja by upset.

And distinct possibilities:

Nakamura over Ryan - injury excuse time !

Wedum over Hunt - ground control.

Sperry vs. Yokoi - Sperry early, Yokoi late, - Split for Sperry.

Paulo Filho vs. Mauricio "Shogun" - close win for Filho by dec.

Is that Perdo Rizzo looking for an opponent ? Is Shoji looking for a fight on this card ? Match em up !

"Hendo turned down a Rampage fight."

Where'd you hear that?

Rampage/Ninja should be awesome. The only bad thing is that if Rampage loses, everyone will say he's done and the christianity thing killed his career; if Ninja loses, everyone will say he was never good.

When will they put Ryan "Tough Guy" Gracie against a non-Japanese?