Can someone please display it? thanks.


The people who design Pride posters do an excellent job!

"cool. they should use this theme at the opening rounds of gp's"
that and have lions for the final.

That's a neat looking poster.

The one in the back looks like Crocop

I love it! Maybe the next one can be made with squids.

its an awesome poster and one i'd consider putting on my wall, theres nothing more homo erotic than having pictures of half naked men on a poster platered all over hte place.

It's odd that PRIDE refers to 'PRIDE 29' as 'Survival' on the Japanese version of their site, yet they refer to it as 'Fists of Fire' on the English version of their site.

I often design event posters (for the website) for upcoming events that have not yet released an official poster for the event.

Below I've included two different versions of the PRIDE 29 event poster I created.

Let me know which one you guys like best.

English Version

Japanese Version

Jim Cryan