Pride Bushido 2 Full Recap/Photos

Once again, John Merrill was at Pride FC to bring you guys a full recap.Recap/Photos - here!Cro Cop was not pleased with Yamamoto's clowning!


article on Crocop vs. Yamamoto: "In many ways, this fight looked more like a mugging than actual competition."

concerning the description of the Rodrigo vs. Sakurai fight:

what's the point of fighting? you got 2 skilled fighters and few strikes thrown. then you got a fighter trying to keep top position as long as possible just to get a decision. that's not what we watch MMA for.

about Rodrigo and Sakurai fight:
If u notice all Rodrigo's opponents ended their last fights in JD, for example Ricardo Almeida vs. Sasaki JD(and everybody said that Ricardo would submit Sasaki, and he coulnd't even pass Sasaki's guard). Takasi vs.Sakurai JD and Takasi vs. Chris Brenann JD. I think the problem is in his opponents not him

Rodrigo is an excellent fighter and yet has a lot to learn. For me he is the best Gracie!.

I can't wait to watch the fight! :D