Pride Bushido 2:more pictures

Sean Sherk vs UeyamaZé MárioDaiju TakaseRodrigo Gracie vs Mach Sakurai

Mirko Cro Cop vs Yamamoto


What a bad ass.

Jádson Costa vs Gomi]Maurício Shogun vs Akihiro GonoWanderlei Silva vs Ikuhisa Minowa

very nice pics!

I wish Minowa wasnt so damn stubborn.To be blunt,he is going to get seriously fucked up.I wish Pride would put their foot down and make him fight 185 lbers.Minowa is such an entertaining fighter,it is terrible to see him wasted.If he keeps getting KO'd and TKO'd by lightheavyweights,he will never be the same.


Minowa looks like the Japanese Eddie Guererro

That is one SWEET MULLET.

Very Nice !!


Bro-Hymn has done it again! Thanks brother!!

any nore pics of sherk's fight?

LOL @ stickman and Driscoll!!!

Damn! Those pics of Mirko's fight are great!Photoshop out the manboob on his opponent and this would make a good school shirt,logo or poster.*edit for spelling*


AAAaaaack!!! Hadn't noticed the manboob until it was mentioned. :(~~

Minowa is cool, but that matchup is strange.

and look at the thickness of CroCops thigh, wtf!

The J-Mullet lives at least.

Minowa should definitely be driving a Camaro around in Japan. I am pretty happy to see the karate-mullet make a resurgence.