Pride Bushido Concept Question?

Please excuse my blatent ignorance, but what makes Pride Bushido different from the regular Pride show?

yeah, silva vs kondo is pretty laughable

LOL @ YOU. you made a generalization and i called you on it. i never said their M.E.'s in the past were top notch, in fact i agree that they arent. but obviously that is changing. deal with it.

I feel a challange comming on...

So is there a belt on the line for these smaller fighters?

sanaka is correct.

More emphasis on smaller fighters (not just lightheavyweights and heavyweights)


Gay midget mud wrestling!

Yeah but to make it legit, Pride needs to add atleast a 185 lb belt.

This way smaller guys like Sak, Hendo, Busta and some others would have to take losses on their records by fighting for Pride's 205 lb belt.