Pride:Bushido, Paltalk tonight?

anyone know anything?


NO, they are not doing it.....The event is starting right now!!!

what the fuck

Why the hell not, they didn't do the first bushido show either!!

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Originally posted by saku #1
oh man why?

2 shows in one month. We don't get paid for doing this and it takes a lot of work and effort to do. We have our personal lives to attend to.


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Any idea where I could find a site that will be updating Pancrase results? For some reason (I guess because so many events are going on at once), sportsnavi doesn't appear to have a page for Pancrase this time.

is anyone else doin a PBP? mmaweekly said they are but don't seem to be posting

sherdog is doing it in there spoiler forum.
RYAN G..... I copied that post from Ironlife forum!!!

mmaweekly is doing it now also!!!

Aha, got it. Thought Hody may have changed his screen name.

Thanks, man.

does anyone have the link to that one japanes site that gives results?

They haven't updated a damn thing yet. But here's the URL: