Pride FC 33 - Weigh In Photos

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Cannon xlt Sigma XT 33mm


TTT...great website

Thanks Quik!


Who is the frog facing?

I think I save them at higher quality... has my ex photographer and he is sorta my mentor when it comes to this stuff... Trust me Dave is the Shit... Check out his other stuff at my site... I don't know who was taking photos for MMAWeekly...

No problem Brad...I'll get your link up on my site this weekend, very nice site

Cyril Abidi?

I know it wasnt Scott taking them this time for MMAWeekly... I saw him with a video cam...

i am more excited about this card than any card ever

I think Jeff shoots with a Cannon 5D, it might be the 20D but not sure. Atleast last I saw thats what he shot with for the KOTC in Moline last yr.

lol @ Trigg

i like this one of Diaz in his panties trying to punk Gomi, and Gomi going "ok dude... calm down"

Thanks! Good site Brad, I'll keep checking it.

Thanks guys for all the love...

Yeah CindyO you are right i Just wasn't 100% sure she was shooting for MMAWeekly. Also to answer your question Trigg wouldn't back down from the stare down and had to be pulled off Misaki... Maybe the intimidation worked.