Pride FC in London @ Showdown!!!

Paul at Showdown asked me to let you all know that they will have Pride Fighting Championships playing this Sunday at the Showdown Store in London for anyone close enough to want to come down and watch the PPV and hang out.

By the way, someone tell Mike from Showdown to contact me at thanx!

I will be in London that day but I don't want any of you fruitcakes making passes at me...

Except you Danny, you can...





oh, and you too Joe.


I know "I can" but the question is "may I"

grammar young jedi, grammar...

Yes, "you may"


TTT for me losing money to complete strangers. Whoever I bet on is guaranteed to lose.

I will be making an appearance now since my dinner date will end before the show starts.

I promise to wear pants!


ttt for PANTS!

Stan, you're in charge of the hookers by the way...

Big ups for the guys at Showdown for inviting the guys at Fateh's and other clubs down to their place to all watch Pride Fighting Championships.

It's nice to see some guys taking big steps to bring together clubs and people in the community.

A big ttt for SHOWDOWN!!!

Also, Andy's call for Randleman winning simply because he had Wes Simms in his corner was brilliant! LOL!

What can I say, Wes Sims has an aura around him that screams victory. A great time was had by all. Next stop Bushido 3.

"Wes Sims has an aura around him that screams victory"

Yes. It's screaming something. LOL!

Bushido is the only event next month on PPV is it not? UFC and Pride GP are June. Is there a KOTC in May?