PRIDE FC to have 3 GP's in 2005

PRIDE FC is planning to have 3 Grand Prix's in 2005.

205 pound Grand Prix

185 pound Grand Prix

160 pound Grand Prix


"I don't see how that's gonna be possible."

Instead of having a 16-man 205 pound tournament, they are planning to have 2 8-man tournaments. One at 205 & the other at 185 going on at the same time. They can do this, because PRIDE FC usually has 8 fights on each card.

It seems that the 160 pounds GP will be hold on Pride Bushido shows. And Pride held two GP on last year.

Peace and''um grande abra├žo''

mmaweekly said this. The way i think it'll work is that Bushido will hold the 8 man 185 and 8 man 160 GPs while PRIDE itself will hold a 16 man middleweight GP. That'll work I think.

No matter how they divide it up, this is awesome news.

Sounds good !

Are they going to only do tournaments that year?

I think Pride is going a little over board on Grand prix tournaments. DOn't get me wrong, they are great, but I think they would mean a whole lot more if they were a bit more rare. What's wrong with one a year? 2003 had 205. 2004 had Heavyweights. I would love to see a 185 Grand prix this year. And then next year they could start the rotation over again with 205's. And have the 160 tourney or whatever after the 185 tourney in 2005 (assuming they would both be 8 man tourneys)

I love the GPs.  Not perfect but I love the hype they bring nad it reminds me of the old school days.  Just the fact they have them puts them a rung above the UFC.