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Pride Grand Prix Play By Play Live on The Fight Factor!!!
Press Release 4-20-04

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The Fight Factor is proud to announce that we are trying something new. With the help of our friends at Pride Fighting Championships, we will be doing a Play By Play of the Heavyweight Grand Prix Opening round on April 25th. This will take place at a new time. Our normal shows run at 7:00PM ET, this show will run at 8:00PM, Count Down show: 8:30pm, and Show starts at 9:00PM EST, 5:30pm PST.

This is for anyone that likes to see the Play by Play on the forums or chat groups and cannot get this on Pay-Per-View, and would rather kick back and just listen to results live. We will do our best to do color commentary and give specific details and results as they take place. We will have the the show running live to us while we talk over the show. This is a radio first.

We thank everyone that sent in comments and suggestions on new show concepts. We will try this out, and we hope you enjoy. We will resume our regular show interviews on May 2nd.

We have official broke the 7000 Registered user mark as of March 21, 2004, and are gaining 50-100 new listeners on average. From our responses, we have just as many newcomers to this sport as we do long time fans, so that tells us we are doing some good. If you cannot tune in live, remember that you can always listen to our archives, available Tuesdays following the shows. From our statistics, most of our listeners do frequent the archives.


Our archive is up with Paulo "Giant" Silva.

Also look on our website for info for our June 19th Seminar with Frank Shamrock.

We again thank you for your continued support and look forward to a great year of more great talk!!

Thank you,

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While far from being the first to do this - It's still cool and I'm sure people will enjoy it.

Also, I may do a pbp here. I am not sure yet.

Far as I knew anyway Johnny? I think that some Paltalk chat did it. But as far as on a radio station, it seemed like a first. Thanks

By the way, how have you and your brother been these days?