Pride GP Trip Package!


Special one week "Meet the Pride Champions in Tokyo" package, everything included (except airfare), for Pride GP 2004 on April 25th.

Five days package from April 22th to April 26th. Price includes:

- Pick up at the airport on April 22th(anytime during the day)

- Guided visit of Tokyo

- 1 Pride GP Ticket at Saitama Super Arena

- Visit to the MMA stores in Tokyo

- Pride after-party in one of the hottest clubs in Tokyo

- Visit of 1 MMA training centers(training can be possible)

- Hotel (4 nights) in a great Japanese style hotel in the best Tokyo's location(Shibuya)

- 6 traditional Japanese meals

- 5 days transportation pass in Tokyo (Subway, Train and Bus)

- 1 full day tour of Tokyo(April 24th)

- Kakuto goods

- A lot of free time to discover and enjoy Tokyo!

PRICE: $990

All you need to get is your plane ticket. Our team will take care of you as soon as you step foot in Tokyo Narita Airport. We will pick you up at Narita Airport anytime on April 22th.

We offer you a unique package for Pride GP Heavyweight tournament opening rounds and will guide you in Tokyo during the week of Apr. 22-Apr. 26.

Kakuto TM is very well connected with several Japanese fighters so we can make special arrangements for you to meet with some of them.

For longer or shorter stays in Tokyo, please contact us. However, we strongly recommend that you to take the 5days-4nights package.

This upcoming Pride GP is unique and bound to be an unforgetable event! Wherever you live, come to Tokyo for the trip of a lifetime! 10 participants maximum.

fucking rad!

If I had 2 g's i would swoop on that so fast...unfortunately

Dang, my birthday is April 24. I wish I could afford to go.

ttt for the guys at Kakuto

dayum! good shit.


my god that would be great

holy shit this guys from the future


Damn, if I had the cash, I'd jump on that opportunity.

i've found tickets leaving from LA from 500us! I flew to France last year in a round trip for 405us after txs leaving from Minneapolis, u guys have to shop around in the internet ad u'll find some cheap ass tickets.

What kind of tix at the GP? Close or nose bleed? Either way I wish I the $!

TTT to see if I can find a sugar momma to sponsor my trip to Japan.

I am now happily accepting any and all donations to the "Send Fred to Tokyo Fund".



It`s ok to put Ettish after Fred.

Sweet deal!!....I'm going to be in Japan the same time and I'm going to the PRIDE GP!!!! Can't wait!
- Juggs

LOL @ Fred. I was thinking about starting a similar fund for myself.

Fred, this offer is not open to professional fighters. Please read the fine print.