Pride guys in the UFC

C'mon guys. Don't you all think that the Pride guys who have come over to the UFC are putting on a bad show on purpose. To show their dislike of the UFC. I mean come on. Herring lost a fight to that one guy. And outside of Nogeria. I mean come on Cro Cop lost to Gabriel Gonzaga. With a kick that you could just see coming from like a mile a way, I mean la-dee-da. Well what do you all think.

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 yeah rampage and anderson and wanderlei are doing sooo badly

I think crocop got rocked by the elbows first

farts on thread

I mean come on though. Don't you all see sometimes where the mroe aggressive team lays off. And doesn't want to give away how aggressive they are. It deffinately is one of those things if you ask me. I mean idk. And about Gonzaga. Why would CroCop even want to fight on that card. And why did UFC even call it "when nations collide". They should have jsut called it another random UFC card.

DUDE.....Let it go, It was over a year ago.

The shit is old already.


LOL @ complaining about a fight from a year ago

This thread is overrated and should go back to Japan where stupidity is more acceptable.