PRIDE needs to do better.....

I think this has been mentioned by a few members before but if PRIDE wants to get into the North Americian market they need to have their cards at least half way complete 2 months before their shows. UFC excels at this. It gives the customers time to get amped up for the fights and the fighters get to ready for their opponents.

I would really like to go to the February 24th show but for me to fly from the East Coast of Canada I need to know what the card is.

P.S. I'm a PRIDE fanboy.

and make proper matchs's ... ie : not hendo / wandy ffs

"and make proper matchs's ... ie : not hendo / wandy ffs-I have no problem with this match. Hendo has been in there with bigger guys than Silva. Great matchup if you ask me.

@ pride gp 1 - thanks breath , why do i wanna see a rematch from years ago ? i'd rathere see someone challenge wand for his belt ... who is in his division .

get a life , you argue over men . im not the retard thats on here 24/7 ... thanks dicksplat